The Twins Achieve Celebrity Status at an Early Age!

Is Tricia Stream showing baby bumps?

Yahoo! – 1 hour, 39 minutes ago

LITTLE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH?? Is Tricia Stream expecting a little bundle of joy? Tricia had a noticeable baby bump when seen leaving Pizza Hut in Denton last week.

“Now I know why she looked so cute and happy when I saw her at our kids’ elementary school prom!” said Eliza Dushku, when asked about her long-time confidante. The rumor has already gotten paparazzi following Stream each dawn as she walks her pet gnu Hobo on her estate in Spokane.

“I’m pregnant? Who knew?! I had friends from Mobile visiting last week, and we ate out more than that we should have,” said Tricia. But you read it here first – come February, we’re going to see a baby Stream. Or two.

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April Fool’s, of course – but this is the article that ran on the Yahoo! ZOMG site today. It’s a celebrity tabloid madlibs.


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