Hand in Hand

According to a  Chinese proverb, there is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. Jon and I have two of the most handsome dudes ever. At least that’s my perspective.

Our little family is living a new normal. We’re creating our routine out of necessity, certainly not choice. Live it a while and it’ll become typical for us. I imagine as soon as we become used to the order we create, it will be time for the boys to come home so we can create yet another new normal. We’ll just have to keep it in perspective.

The above photo exemplifies just how much our perspective is changing daily. There, a 3-day-old Caden holds his Daddy’s hand. So different in size, but I don’t think the picture gives any indication of who truly has the strength. (And regarding that leadoff photo, both Caden and Logan are surprisingly strong! It continues to amaze me when we feel their vice-like grips holding our fingers.)

Most women enter pregnancy expecting to slowly grow for about 9-10 months. They have a set idea of when the baby will arrive. He or she generally does arrive in a generally set time frame. I was terrifically excited to last six months. I was desperately hoping for a third trimester, but the NICU staff keeps congratulating me for making it over 27 weeks.

Most new parents expect to leave the hospital, dazed and confused, clueless about what to do with a newborn. I left the hospital with a charge and purpose. My multiples stayed behind. Instead of trial and error, Jon and I are arming ourselves with dictionaries of medical terms and lists of questions for multi-degreed doctors.

I saw a baby in a stroller yesterday. “Oh my God!” I practically screamed. “That is the most gigantic baby ever to walk this earth!!!” (Luckily, I don’t think any offendable stranger actually heard me.) The baby was perfectly normal – but my new normal involves babies under 3 pounds.

The boys can’t quite see yet. The nurses said they can vaguely make out shapes. They occasionally open their eyes (looking kind of drunk when they do), but mostly their world is identified by smells and touch. So really, when Caden attempts to rip the wires from his body, he’s really just proving what a talented and gifted kid he’s going to be.

When they’re a bit bigger, we’ll bring them educational flashcards (Say Lady! It’s a Lady!). The black and white images will slowly start to become clearer for them – making their perspectives a bit greyer as they continue to grow up. Just like Mom and Dad.

Caden - 4 days old.

Logan - 4 days old.


4 responses to “Perspective

  1. I’m finally getting to comment (took awhile to figure out) Those little boys are something — though tiny, they are perfect and I’m so enjoying their progress through your Blog. Being the organizer you are, I’m sure you will adapt quickly to any new routine and/or schedule. To me, of course, they look alike — Caden seems to have a tad more hair than Logan — but that may just be the lighting in the picture. When you talk to them, be sure to tell them that G.G. is praying for them constantly and am so looking forward to greeting them when they are ready.

  2. All I have to say is to reiterate, “See the lady, say lady!” I wish to be the first to buy said flashcards, thank you very much!

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