Postpartum Pounds

Every morning I get up and get ready for the day. These days each morning is spent preparing to visit the muppets. And it’s getting harder and harder to decide what to wear.

I’m certainly not trying to get dressed up for them. Just trying to find clothes that fit. I have reached that very awkward size stage where maternity clothes are too large but I can’t yet squeeze back into my pre-partum pants. Sad really – because the boys haven’t even reached the developmental stage of spit-up yet.

Even though I gave birth to twins, I only gained 20 pounds (ignoring the hormonal weight gained prior to pregnancy). This is largely attributed to my distinct lack of a third trimester, which I’ve heard is where mom and babies spend three months accumulating fat.

In the two weeks since Caden and Logan’s arrival, I’ve lost my little pregnancy tummy. The weight appears to have migrated elsewhere on my body. All for the betterment of my boys… As we wait for them to grow up big and strong, I am allowed to walk.

Being mobile again is wonderful! After six weeks on bedrest, getting going again was more difficult than I anticipated. I have now accepted that the 2010 Nike Women’s Marathon is not in my future. Given their isolette attitudes, I’m sure I’ll be running the equivalent of ultra-marathons once the boys are home and mobile. Initially, I got lightheaded walking from the hospital entrance to the NICU. But that’s where my boys are – so to the NICU go I.

Today I thought I’d attempt a walk around the block. But then I decided that a walk in 90 degree weather might not be the best decision. I had a nectarine instead. (Oh, McDonald’s, how I’ll miss thee – but my allegiance now lies with Old MacDonald and his farm.)

Many people ask how I’m doing. My standard answer is “worried about the boys.” My attitude generally correlates with the twins’ daily prognosis. It’s a good thing they’re doing well. How am I doing physically? Fine, I suppose. To be honest, I never really paid attention to the whole physical aspect of the surgery. I had over four pounds of other concern.

So aside from looking a little funny in my pants these days, I’m doing great. As I’ve mentioned before, the boys are little fighters. And with that – I’m off to pump and visit the NICU. Someday I’ll be back to the size you all remember. Until then, two little men are awaiting my appearance…

My Little Man Caden

My Little Man Logan


2 responses to “Postpartum Pounds

  1. Probably the only really good thing about this whole situation is that you didn’t get into the third trimester weight gain. Only putting on 20 lbs. for 2 is pretty surprising. You’ve kind of neglected to mention your own physical condition, being so totally involved with the boys’ progress. No marathon this year, but you will gradually return to your normal self — just don’t overdo. Leave the gaining to Caden and Logan. G.G.

  2. Ditto to what GG just wrote – being thin is overrated anyway! Let me come down and we’ll all not fit in our pants at the Cheesecake Factory!

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