Five Pound Fashion

When the nurses originally told us it would happen, Jon and I found it very difficult to believe. Really? Three pounds in a month, we questioned. But Nurse Susan assured us that the NICU folks are experts at fattening up children.

Logan and the fishies

Caden - Daddy's All Star

Well, today the muppets hit five pounds. Chunksters!

This past weekend the twins graduated to Newborn size diapers. This may or may not have had anything to do with growth. Diaper size increases are usually determined by the current diapers inability to contain poop. (Prior to having children I never imagined I would care so much about bodily functions.) The new diapers are much kinder to the boys increasingly expanding tummies. Last Friday, Jon noted that Logan was beginning to look like a football – little arms and legs, big oversize midsection.

Even more exciting is today’s development. Along with the five-pound milestone, Caden and Logan no longer fit into their adorably tiny preemie size onesies. Their wardrobe options have just increased exponentially. Logan was clad in a standard issue hospital shirt – size 6 months – which is provided to all babies, from preemie to jumbo term size. He may as well have not been wearing anything for how big that shirt is. Caden was still wearing his preemie outfit since he hadn’t yet spit up on it. But when the Nurse Susan arrived for her evening shift, she found Caden squirming about with the bottom snaps not even closed. Perhaps Nurse Margaret thought he needed extra breathing room.

For outfits that were still rather loose when we first clad the muppets with them, they were awfully snug these past few days. I was a proud mommy this afternoon as I toted the larger outfits into Pod B. Granted, these new outfits are still rather roomy. But they’ll quickly grow into these too. At the rate they’ve been growing, we’ll be taking home babies that actually fit into those size 6-month standard issue shirts…


6 responses to “Five Pound Fashion

  1. Grow boys grow…grow boys grow!!!!
    before you know it, they be bigger than Naomi- although she will always be older…

  2. what a great way to start our morning!! bryan’s quote, “i want to meet them! they are just so little!” thank you for putting a smile on our faces xo

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