The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated

Last night I promised you more photos.

Remember the family photo shoot I told you about in August? The full collection has arrived!

These photos are amazing memories for our family. You can peruse them for entertainment or to procure your very own muppet memento.

Step 1: Navigate to the website
Step 2: Click “enter” on the left side of the boots photo
Step 3: Click “proofing” – located on the bottom of the screen closest to the right
Step 4: Enter “stream” as the password (all lowercase)

Watch the slideshow and enjoy!

Just a quick reminder for anyone searching out a photographer in California or Seattle – Keary Dee is incredible at capturing the simplicity in our everyday lives. I give her the first ever Double Trouble Gold Star.

Cutest. Muppets. Ever.


4 responses to “The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated

  1. ok, I know I’m supposed to start by saying the muppets are darling – and they ARE, but Tricia… your photos in the backyard took my breath away – you look GORGEOUS!!!! Wow, motherhood agrees with you. Loved the ones taken through the slats in the crib – very different – awesome slide show – thanks so much for sharing it with us. What if one wants to purchase a photo????
    the aunt who wishes she was in the Golden State

  2. Joanne, to purchase a photo click “add to cart” on the upper left hand corner of the photo. Add all the photos you like, then click the shopping cart on the bottom right.

  3. Absolutely fabulous!!! Fascinating slide show of the most adorable babies on record — plus their beautiful, wonderful parents — thanks for creating such memories for all of us. G.G.

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