Inspire Me Baby

The twins photo session has been featured on the “Inspire Me Baby” blog – a publication aiming to providing inspiration for family photography.

The muppets are young celebrities.

“From Keary Dee Photography: I shot these twins just a few weeks ago, but you’d never know they were 3 months old in their pictures. Logan and Caden were born 9 weeks premature. They were in the hospital for about two and a half months before they even got to go home. So at 3 months old, they were finally at newborn weight. The session was so fun and I absolutely ADORE their nursery. It’s Calvin and Hobbs theme! The ginormous brown bear is my favorite :)”

Check out the full article at

(Minor correction: The muppets were actually 12 weeks early. Nine would have been fabulous…)


4 responses to “Inspire Me Baby

  1. Of course the boys and the nursery are her favorite! Was there ever any question? As Nancy has stated … “The cutest ever…”

  2. Oh Gramma Janet,

    You’re such a gramma now!! Are the twins giving out autographs yet???? Aunt Joanne is busy buying books for them!

    • Oh, those poor little tykes – between Gramma Janet and Aunt Joanne, they’ll be expected to be reading by Age 1! G.G.

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