Yodeling Mamas

I’m a mama. And I yodel by day. So becoming a yodeling mama seemed like the next logical step. I am officially a mommy blogger.

Yodeling Mamas is the online home for the digital and domestic lives of Yahoo! moms. I now have the privilege of being a contributor. In addition to the wonderful muppet tales you will continue to find here, I will be writing articles as Mama Tricia.

I will also post those articles here, but feel free to take a look at the other blog and see what other moms have to say.

Yodeling Mamas: http://www.yodelingmamas.com/blog/?p=1961#more-1961
We come from every corner of the company—and the world—to talk kids, careers and the challenges that come with balancing the two. We’re Yahoos. We’re moms. And we’re blogging about the stuff that makes us yodel.

About the Mamas: http://www.yodelingmamas.com/blog/?page_id=15
Name: Tricia

Job: PR Manager

Bio: Tricia became a Yahoo in November 2009. She found out she was expecting in December 2009 and in January 2010 learned that she and her husband were soon-to-be parents of twins. Six months later, the muppets arrived. Now the proud mommy of two healthy NICU graduates, Tricia is back yodeling at Yahoo! and thankful to be working for a company that embraces the double trouble of motherhood and career.

Also yodels at: http://www.streamdoubletrouble.com


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