A Bedtime Story

The little boy was afraid of the dark. Things dark and untoward resided there. The silence bothered him. He was scared that he would be alone when he woke up. The light of the day provided so many new things to discover. He worried he’d miss out on some exciting adventure when he closed his eyes.

One night, he cried out. He screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed.

Suddenly, the Man in the Moon appeared. He scooped him up and cradled him in his crescent arms. “Little love,” he rocked the little boy. “Don’t be afraid. I have an important job for you to do.”

“The world of dreams is a wonderful place. It is a world of adventure and excitement. It is a place where your imagination rules the day.” The Man in the Moon asked the little boy if he would venture forth into dreamland. “Will you play, laugh and jump? Will you run, read and share? And will you share your stories when you wake up, for tomorrow’s morning sun?”

The Man in the Moon promised to watch over the little boy throughout the night. He promised to keep his light lit, embracing him in the warm glow of moonlight, so the little boy would never have to fight the night.

Finally, the little boy smiled. He tried to keep himself awake – he had so many questions for the Man in the Moon. But his eyelids began to droop. In the distance he saw an adventure beckoning. The little boy fell asleep as the Man in the Moon began to sing.

Little love, it’s time for bed
it’s time to prepare for the adventures ahead
You’re being sent off to explore
to play, to learn, to dream and more
There’s so much to know, in your world still unsaid.

The moon will look down over you throughout the night
the man who keeps watch will make sure you never lose sight.
Close your eyes and go to sleep
don’t be afraid to look, listen, laugh and leap.
Follow your journey through, until the morning light.

Tomorrow you will tell me all you learned and what you think of.
But now – it’s time for bed, my little love.

Tomorrow he would have such stories to share!



4 responses to “A Bedtime Story

  1. Of course, the author was obvious!! Tricia’s talent and beautiful expressions are always evident in her wonderful Blogs — may they continue!!! G.G.

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